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Friday, March 11, 2011


【Mamene Koyo Original】Iris【Continuous source distribution
NicoNicoDouga: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13392267
MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?q2rb3c0ut3tp3ql
Instrumental: http://www.mediafire.com/?3f27pdpho5u5mqh
Youtube translated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dK4O0xl3EU
A message to you who I can't reach.

I wanted to make a dying song, what are you growing on?

Mamane Koyo continuous sound pack (No mark + strong continuity + weak continuity)
Sound. Picture/ Content/まめねこ(mylist/16423745

Uploaded at the same time! Yoko's continous sound
Week 9, ranking 14th! I'm scared so I won't upload the next song! Thank you for your attention.
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Transcendent support>>sm13454438(Tenka Sekai) sm13485228(Ringo Boushi) sm13668646(Teto arrangement ver.) sm13729255(Teto x Koyo)

崩れ 落ちた  砂のお城と
kuzure ochita suna no oshiro to 
The collapsed sand castle
細く 伸びた 影法師達
hosoku nobita kageboushi tachi 
And the shadows that grew thin
紡ぐ 糸が 螺旋、描いた
tsumugu ito ga rasen, egaita 
The spiral of the spun yarn, I drew it
ソノ 先ハ 何処ニ ユクノカ?
 sono saki wa doko ni yukunoka?
 Where does the rest of it go?

法を 撫でる 風が優しく
hou wo naderu kaze ga yasashiku 
 The wind that caresses the law is gentle
羽音 たてて 忍び寄る音
 haoto tatete shinobi yoru oto 
And with the sound of its wings, the sound approaches without noise
僕の 中に 虚しく、響く
boku no naka ni munashiku, hibiku 
Inside me is empty, and affects me
モウ 一度 君ニ アエタテラ。。。
 mou ichido kimi ni aetarera ...
 I want to meet you again...

擦れ 歪み 捩れ
tasure yugami nejire 
It brushed against me, distorted and twisted
声にならずに 消えゆく
koe ni narazuni kieyuku 
It doesn't become sound and disappears
濁る 視界 褪せめ 想い
nigoru shikai aseme omoi 
Clouding vision; fading thoughts
この身が 朽ちても。。。
kono mi ga kuchitemo...
 Even if this body rots...

モハヤ 二度と 開カヌ 瞼
ohaya nidoto hakanu mabuta 
Goodbye - My eyes won't open ever again
soredemo kokoro no 
But even so, my heart
kyanbasu ni, egaita 
On the canvas, drew it -
 ano kimi no yokogao ga...
 The sideview of your face...

もし運命がね 引き裂いても
moshi unmei gane bikisaitemo 
Even if fate rips it apart,
描いた日々 色褪せない
 egaita hibi iroasenai
Those days that I drew won't fade 

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