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Monday, February 21, 2011

【GUMI】 透明な右手を 【オリジナル】

 【GUMI】 透明な右手を 【オリジナル】
【GUMI】 Transparent Right Hand 【original】

NicoNicoDouga: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13206670
MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?wffs2zpy5e8e2wk
Instrumental: http://www.mediafire.com/?2dl82rhii63cz3g
 Youtube translated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pyBiPRLONA
uz (mylist/13361800)
meola (mylist/11529220)

I fell into a musician's block and ended up resting for three months.

I started selling the CD I sold at the fierce VoMas14.
また、1/16に行われるボーカロイドマスター15でもゆよゆっぺさんとmeolaさんのスペース「Draw the Emotional」でも委託頒布させていただきます。
Also, I'll also be distributing at Yuyoyuppe and meola's space "Draw The Emotional" at 1/16 VoMas15.

Karaoke http://piapro.jp/content/96rkarv7i5bhr5df


1/10 New Song update sm13269329


mata ikutsumono
Once again
 guchi mitaina kotoba wo osanete
I start to lay down words of complaint
sonna chippokena
I raise my claws again
imari no naka de mata tsume wo tateru 
At the inside of that small pride

嫌だよ嫌だ 忘れないでいて 
iyadayo iyada wasurenaideite
I hate it, I hate it; Don't forget me
僕はまだ ここにいるよ 
boku wa mada koko ni iruyo 
I'm still here in this place

nanimo nai kono shiroi heya de
In this white room with no one
toumeisato ima wo sagasu no 
I find transparency and the present

Now I hate it without so many reasons
Now I hate it without so many words

君の声を 忘れないように 
kimi no koe wo wasurenaiyouni
So that I don't forget your voice,
僕の今 さらけ出して 
boku no ima sarake dashite
I reveal all of my now

nanto naku kao wo agetadake
I merely had my head up
toumei sani mitoreteitano
I was staring mindlessly at the transparency

殺せない自分と 壊せない自分が 
korosenai jibun to kowasenai jibun ga
Myself that I can't kill, myself that I can't destroy
何一つ怖くて 何一つ遠い 
nani hitotsu kowakute nani hitotsu tooi
I feared all - All was far away

nanimo naikono shiroi heya de
In this white room with no one
toumeisato ima wo sagasu no?
Are you finding the transparency and the present?

kowashitakunaru boku no oto to
My sound that I want to destroy
samayoi aruku migite wo
 And my wandering right hand

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