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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

【GUMI・鏡音リン】 ブラックホールアーティスト 【オリジナル】

【GUMI・鏡音リン】 ブラックホールアーティスト 【オリジナル】
【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】 Blackhole Artist  【Original】

NicoNicoDouga: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14862927
MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?cqc52pejo43ci15
Instrumental: http://www.mediafire.com/?snd5dx4c56yudq1
Youtube translated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9CNK9nBzvs
It seems like GUMI and Kagamine Rin doesn't like art very much.

This is the 24th Vocaloid original. This is a song asking 'Do you guys really know?'
This work is included in the "Sequence" of Vomas16. I put in 有坂あこ's illustration into the song.

Music:鬱P mylist/6385075 
Illust:有坂あこ mylist/16375067
Movie:hinata mylist/10121432 
Guitar solo:ダルビッシュP mylist/12177097 
Mastering:友達募集P mylist/22904031 

Karaoke: http://piapro.jp/t/41Sk 
**translator's note: I'm not sure what "俗世は見向きしやしない " means. If anyone knows the correct meaning, feel free to tell me!

自由を描いた犬猫豚馬鹿 生肉目指してここ掘れワンワン
jiyuu wo egaita inu neko buta baka namaniku mezashite koko hore wanwan
The dog, cat, pig, and idiot drew freedom; They set the target for fresh meat, something you can sell here bark bark
小便臭え批評には 蠅と嘘が寄ってきた
shouben kusae hihyou niwa hae to uso ga yotte kita
At the criticism that smelt of urine, the flies and the lies gathered
「狂った世界は間違いじゃない」と 先生も巨匠もお前も共鳴
"kurutta sekai wa machigai janai" to sensei mo kyoshou mo omae mo kyoumei
"The crazy world is not wrong" The teacher, master, and you agree with it
血反吐で描いた絵よりも 琴線が金銭触れました
chihanto de egaitae yorimo kinsen ga kinsen fure mashita
Rather than the pictures drawn with blood, my heartstrings approached money

※今宵も月を天に飾れど 俗世は見向きしやしない 
※koyoi mo tsuki wo ten ni kazare do zokusei wa mimuki shiyashinai
Even tonight the moon decorated the sky; Look back at the earthly existence - There are no palms

1,2,3,4 皮肉登場 肯定も否定も裏では談合
1,2,3,4 hiniku toujou koutei mo hitei mo urade wa dangou
1,2,3,4 flesh debut; Even the agreement and the filthiness are consulting from behind

その音楽冗談ですね その絵画も冗談ですね
sono ongaku joudan desune sono kaiga mo joudan desune
That music is a joke; that picture is a joke
その思想も冗談ですね その才能は冗談だ
sono shisou mo joudan desune sono sainou wa joudanda
That idea is a joke; that talent is a joke

誰にも読み取り出来ない傑作 創りし貴方は理解してるの?
dare nimo yomitori dekinai kessaku tsukuri shi anata wa rikai shiteruno?
Do you understand the making of a masterpiece that can't be read to anyone else?
それを知ろうと玄人気取り 「これは最高」と最低の返し
sore wo shiro uto kurouto kidori "kore wa saikou" to saitei no kaeshi
To know it, the expert pretends "This is the best" of the minimum repayment
幾重に重なるカラクリ仕掛けを そのうち何人解いたのだろう
ikue ni omonaru karakuri shikake wo sono uchi nannin toi tanodarou
Tool that overlaps with the multiple layers; Few people have surely opened that tool
裏の裏の裏を描いて 裏を二つ飛ばして解いた
 ura no ura no ura wo egaite ura wo futatsu toba shite toita
I draw the back of the back of the back; I let loose the two backsides and solved it

笑われて (おと)されて 見下され 破られ 
warawarete  otosarete mikudasare yaburare
Laugh; Become sound and look down on it and be ripped apart
ほら感性が感性が感性が 感性って何? 
hora kansei ga kansei ga kansei ga kanseitte nani?
Hey, what is sensitivity is sensitivity is sensitivity is sensitivity? 

本当は 何もかも 分かってる フリだけ
hontou wa nanimo kamo wakatteru furi dake
The truth is, I'm just pretending to know everything
いやジョークさジョークさジョークさ 満月の夜
iya jooku sa jooku sa jooku sa mangetsu no yoru
No, a joke joke joke joke; Night of full moon

笑われて (おと)されて 見下され 破られ 
warawarete  otosarete mikudasare yaburare
Laugh; Become sound and look down on it and be ripped apart
ほらセンスがセンスがセンスが センスって何? 
hora sensu ga sensu ga sensu ga sensutte nani?
Hey, what is sense is sense is sense is sense? 

黒い風 黒い霧 包まれて 見えない
kuroi kaze kuroi kiri tsutsumarete mienai
Dark wind;dark blade; They're covered by fog and can't be seen
ほら感性が感性が感性が 爆発してしまえ
 hora kansei ga kansei ga kansei ga bakuhatsu shiteshimae
Hey, emotion is emotion is emotion explode now

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